The UK to Release ‘One Login’ Public Beta Next Year

The UK Government will launch the first public prototype of the digital identity system, 'One Login' in April 2022. They are willing to reach 400 million pounds in funding. The new system will be Single-Sign-On (SSO). This authentication method enables users to authenticate securely with multiple applications and websites by using only one set of credentials built by the Government Digital Service (GDS).

'One Login' enables users to access the applications and other resources by logging in once to a single interface. These could range from registering a birth to setting up a business. Twelve government departments are collaborating on this. They plan to use it across the Gov.UK website, combined with digital identity verification for citizens to access services.

Natalie Jones, GDS Director of Digital Identity, is leading the development of 'One Login'. Together with 'One Login', the GDS will also launch a biometrics-based Gov.UK app. It might allow users to set up accounts and sign in with commonly used biometrics or a password chip. The app will be cloud-based and will run on Amazon Web Services. 

A tender was issued last month for the app’s development. The final product might use NFC for ID document scanning, potentially including a facial authentication feature among other biometrics.

GDS previously created a digital identity system called Verify, which, due to the funding for One Login, will be closed to new users by the end of 2022 and shut down by April 2023.