Community Workshops to Address Digital Inclusion in NSW

The Department of Customer Service is hosting online community workshops on 6 and 7 June to understand the barriers affecting customers accessing digital identity services and products.

Executive Director of Identity.NSW Lenka Bradovkova said collaborating with customers would help ensure digital services were available and accessible to as many customers as possible.

“Working with customers through community workshops will mean we can make sure we address the real barriers to their participation by exploring accessibility, digital literacy, affordability and security to deliver a digital identity solution which works for all our customers,”

Ms Bradovkova said.

“As we aim to be the most customer-centric government by 2030, we look forward to strong community input on how our digital solutions can address these obstacles. We need to make sure the digital services we provide, work for all customers and all needs.

“The Digital Identity program will allow customers to prove who they are online. This means greater access to government services for customers with a disability, time poor customers or customers who live in rural or remote areas and would otherwise struggle to get to a Service NSW centre.”

Ms Bradovkova said developing services through collaboration and understanding the needs of customers was the key to delivering great results and building trust.

“The Digital Seniors Card has received a customer satisfaction rating of 90 per cent and has roughly 40,000 seniors joining the program each month. We have and will continue to collaborate with the people of NSW to deliver programs which fit their needs,”

Ms Bradovkova said.

“We have heard first-hand the needs of our customers through Have Your Say consultations. Our Digital Inclusion consultations are already starting to provide us with identifiable trends, with customers ranking digital skills and accessibility as a key barrier to their participation.

“As the Digital Identity program continues to grow, we will continue to collaborate with customers and industry to make sure we deliver a solution which works for everyone.”

As part of a modern government, the NSW Government has allocated $2.2 billion across four years to invest into digital transformation projects through the Digital Restart Fund. The fund is administered by the Department of Customer Service and is focused on providing digital solutions which foster customer-driven business transformation and collaboration across the Government Sector.