Uzbek Gov't Plans to Introduce a Social Insurance System

The draft presidential decree “On approval of the national strategy for social protection in 2022-2030” has been announced, KunUz reported.

The following major reforms are planned in the field of social protection:

1. Introduction of the social insurance system:

  1. a social insurance fund shall be established to ensure that citizens are not deprived of income in the event of illness, pregnancy, accidents, job losses and the like.
  2. maternity benefits for women are paid from the social insurance fund based on their insurance experience and salary.

2. Improving the effectiveness of social assistance provided by the state:

  1. In order to use social assistance as a means to lift the family out of poverty, a system of providing child benefits to low-income families through the state through a social contract will be established. In the system of social contract, a citizen receiving social assistance from the state assumes a certain social obligation;
  2. Transformation of the information system “Single Register of Social Protection” into a single database of all types of social assistance and services provided by the state.

In order to increase the transparency and efficiency of the funds allocated from the “Ayollar daftari”, “Yoshlar daftari” and “Sakhovat va kumak” funds, “Family, Women and Youth Social Support Fund” was established on the basis of three funds. They will be integrated with the information “Single Register of Social Protection”.

3. Strengthening social services:

  1. a mechanism of work at the mahalla level to ensure social protection of the population will be established, that is, it stems from the general condition of the family. Social assistance and services will be provided on the basis of a comprehensive approach to rescuing him from difficult life situations;
  2. a list of minimum social services provided by the state (referral to a sanatorium, provision of prosthetic and orthopedic devices, etc.) will be defined. At the same time, based on the social status of citizens, standards will be developed for the size, periodicity and implementation of each social service.

According to preliminary estimates, additional expenditures in the amount of 170 billion soums will be required from the budget in 2022. Additional calculations will be made during the implementation of reforms.