Services Australia to Launch Universal Mobile App to Access Government Services

Services Australia plans to launch a myGov mobile app before the end of this year, reports ITnews Australia.

It’s been two years since the government first flagged the need for a single government app to ensure a citizen service delivery experience similar to the experiences offered when dealing with the private sector.

Services Australia has worked with consulting giant Deloitte to develop the myGov app since signing a six-month deal worth $5.4 million. The app will provide access to the government digital experience platform (GOVDXP) that Deloitte has been building since early 2020 to replace the existing myGov platform.

GOVDXP – which is based on software from Adobe – is expected to give citizens a single, personalised view of their actions with the government, with content structured around life events. Users could also receive Netflix-like service recommendations based on their previous interactions through the platform.

On Monday, The deputy CEO of transformation projects Charles McHardie told Gartner’s IT Symposium/Xpo that the app’s long-anticipated “first iteration” release is slated for December.

McHardie said the app would have a “wallet function” to store credentials like “international Covid-19 digital certificates”. Images of the prototype shared at the conference also show that users could take advantage of Face ID on iOS devices to log into their accounts in much the same way as can be done with banking apps.

The government set aside $200 million for the myGov overhaul in this year’s budget as part of its digital economy strategy. It expects that the time saved from the enhancement to the platform will generate benefits of as much as $3.6 billion over ten years.

(Source: IT News)