Trinity Lab Startup Accelerator Programme Announces ARTRACX

Trinity Lab, the mother company for Enecuum Blockchain Network announces new startup – Antracx. Artracx is a product of Trinity Lab startup accelerator program. It is a new digital marketplace for art and collectibles, and it solves a major problem in tracking, tracing physical items, and giving them a digital identity following the international Art ID Standard consortium – an important element for commerce in the metaverse.

ARTRACX combines the use of enterprise-grade secured IoT eID Chips, blockchain, and smart contract technologies (over the cloud and mobile apps) to make it very easy for artists and art gallery museums to provide complete art provenance, tracking and tracing, and doing business/transactions.

Artracx will give physical art a digital identity in the MetaVerse. These identities will be trackable, traceable, immutable by way of applying a high-security chipset (batteryless). This combined with the use of blockchain technologies (Enecuum Blockahin Network) unified communications, and online viewing room technologies offers a whole new dimension of services for artists, art dealers, galleries, auction houses, and collectors (HNW).

The startup will offer both B2B white-label services for top tier auction houses, as well as the digital platform (SaaS), the selling of chipsets, blockchain IDs, UC and OVR combined makes us be running like a telco operator with SaaS revenue.

Artracx has assembled a team of technology professionals, art dealers, art connoisseurs led by Daniel Chun CEng. He is the patent owner and former CEO of Remotec Technology Ltd, founder of (the leading digital auction platform for fundraising in Hong Kong). He has over 30 years in the tech sector building telcos, toys, IoT. The team has also sold many art pieces at auctions.

Trinity Acceleration Program is focused on the support of the projects built on top of Enecuum Network. The projects successfully applied for the program will receive investments from Trinity Labs and its investment partners. They will also receive marketing, business development, and technical support from the team. The program is organized by Trinity Lab and Uvecon.VC, a venture studio and consulting firm based in Hong Kong.