Kuwait Launches Sahel App with Avaya

Kuwait’s Ministry of State for Communications and Information Technology today marked the success of its Sahel mobile application and the digital transformation it has achieved in partnership with Avaya (NYSE: AVYA).

The Sahel application is dedicated to the modernization of government transactions delivering e-government services for a range of departments. The application transforms the government-to-citizen experience and marks a strategic achievement in the government’s vision for Kuwait 2035, "A New Kuwait".

Through Sahel, citizens and residents can access government services and complete transactions easily, quickly, and securely. And by integrating Avaya OneCloudTM Contact Center platform, it provides a digital window with which citizens and residents can receive notifications and announcements from any government agency, improving the provision of digital services.

The contact center technology also contributes to the government’s digital transformation ambitions by enabling communication with citizens and residents across entirely digital channels. Transaction receipts are electronically generated and sent through the platform to app users, contributing to the government’s paperless ambitions, while improving the overall user experience.

“The Kuwait Government’s goal is to accomplish a full digital transformation, and that has started by bringing all e-government services to the Sahel application, which delivers every kind of official transaction, for any individual in Kuwait, with just a click. Since launching this application, there have been over 250,000 – that’s quarter of a million – completely paperless transactions and certificates issued through Sahel,”

said Yousef Kazim, Official Spokesman for the Sahel application.  

“And because the services are available around the clock, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, users can request official documentation anytime, anywhere, in seconds. All they need to do is download the Sahel app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.”

Abdulamir Al Musqati, GM of METCO, which assisted the Ministry in designing and delivering the solution as an Avaya Experience Builder partner, said:

"Our strategic partnership with Avaya has enabled us to reach impressive results for the project, and we look forward to everyone benefiting from these effective and flexible digital solutions. This is an important application that keeps pace with the aspirations of the State of Kuwait to achieve a quantum leap in digital transformation in line with the vision of the country's leadership aimed at enabling easy official services and transactions for all."

Nidal Abou-Ltaif, President, Avaya International, said,

"Kuwait is making headway in an ambitious vision that is seeing major government entities digitally transform as it moves towards its Vision 2035. We’re proud to support the government as it adopts digital solutions to drive economic development, increase efficiency, and ultimately create better citizen experiences for Kuwait’s residents.”

About Sahel App

Sahel App is a Unified Government Application for e-services for various government agencies. Through this application, the citizen and resident can perform their services and transactions easily, quickly, and effectively according to the highest quality standards, to provide a new experience to accomplish government transactions.

The App provides an integrated platform for citizens and residents to receive notifications and announcements from all government agencies, gain access to all government services, and contributes to improving the provision of services electronically.

Services provided by "Sahel" App:

  • Data: Enables identifying the status of the relationship for (citizen/resident) with the government through official documents, status, and expiry dates.
  • Services: Allows applying for services provided by government agencies to the public.
  • Notifications: Provides alerts and reminders from government agencies to the public that shows the status of the service provided.
  • Appointments: Can book government appointments via the META central platform.
  • Announcements: Single window to present government agencies announcements, through which they highlight their services, news, and other information for citizens and residents.