Sevenoaks District Council Modernises Document Processing

In a bid to modernise its document processing, Sevenoaks District Council has today announced a move to implement digital signature technology from Yoti across its Housing department. Sevenoaks is a town in Kent situated southeast of London, England.

The council is keen to cut admin-intensive processes using a secure approach. Currently, an organiser of public services for 120,000 citizens and employing approximately 425 staff across 16 departments, the decision to incorporate Yoti’s eSign and eWitnessing platform will ensure smoother operations council-wide.
The move will support the council in reducing time and costs relating to sending, signing, and managing documents and reducing daily paper use, providing a more environmentally friendly approach to their work.

Previously, officers relied on printing and sending documents via post, proving time absorbing and difficult to manage during remote working. Yoti’s eSignature platform allows records to be managed from a central location and a digital copy sent to the customer via email.

On average, businesses using Yoti benefit from improved document signing speeds, with 85 per cent of documents being signed within the first 24 hours.

Given that customers will now be able to access sensitive documents via email, enabling them to sign quickly and securely, the entire customer experience promises to be a more seamless one.

Based in London, Yoti provides identity verification, eSignature and age verification technology. The company has recently launched its ground-breaking electronic witnessing solution. It boasts a rapidly growing eSignature division delivering services for several prominent organisations, including Connells group, RIBA, GiGroup and Countrywide.

Cllr Kevin Maskell, Sevenoaks District Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing, said: 

“We’re always looking for more efficient and innovative ways of working, and Yoti’s eSign technology ticks both of these boxes. At a time when there is greater demand for our housing services than ever, eSign is speeding up the processing of applications while providing a more convenient service for our clients. It also cuts down on paper, helping with our ambitions to become a Net Zero carbon council by 2030”.

Matthew Gilbery, Commercial Director at Yoti commented: 

“Our collaboration with Sevenoaks District Council follows the successful transformation of Ashford Borough Council in 2020, another local authority in Kent that adopted Yoti’s eSignatures platform and saw a reduction in costs and increase in efficiency. It’s exciting to see just how transformative digital identity services can be – and the citizens of Sevenoaks District Council should expect to see greater efficiencies moving forwards.”