UK Post introduces EasyID Digital Identity App

Post Office and Yoti have announced the availability of EasyID digital identity app, following the permanent government policy change regarding the use of Digital Identity for Right to Work (RTW) as well as Basic, Standard and Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service checks. 

From April 6th 2022, UK citizens looking to start a new job will be able to prove their Right to Work with Post Office EasyID and Yoti digital identity apps. They will also be able to use their digital identity to apply for their DBS checks online. 

The Recruitment and Employment Confederation has estimated that its member recruitment businesses conduct around 300,000 RTW checks every week, highlighting the potential time and administration cost saved with digital IDs offering instant, paper-free identity verification.

The acceptance of digital identity comes as a result of successful use of remote policies during the pandemic; with evidence of increased efficiency, reduced recruitment times and getting people into jobs faster, these remote policies have streamlined processes for both job seekers, employers and landlords.

It has also reduced travel costs for new recruits and enabled a wider pool of applicants to apply for roles and reduce geographic barriers to employment and housing. 

Yoti is a commercial digital identity platform free to use for individuals, but chargeable for businesses. EasyID was made for the post office by Yoti. They provide age verification, identity verification, eSignature, and authentication services apart from being a digital ID. It can scan a government approved citizen ID and biometrics to prove a person's identity and age. 

Elinor Hull, Identity Services Director at Post Office said:

“This is a landmark moment for the recruitment sector and their successful candidates who can now prove their identity quicker than ever before and potentially start their employment sooner.”

EasyID and Yoti are free digital identity apps designed to make it simpler and safer for people to prove who they are, both online and in person.

Individuals add their ID document and facial biometrics in a few minutes and have a verified, reusable digital identity that protects their details and can be used in a wide range of scenarios. Individuals no longer have to copy, send and share their ID documents, while businesses can be confident people are who they say they are. 

EasyID enables individuals to securely share a verified image of their passport with their Digital Identity that enables an employer to store the image and meet the Home Office requirements for ‘statutory excuse’. Also an individual can share their ID and document at a time of their choosing, making the service more convenient. 

To date, over 2.6 million people have joined the Post Office digital ID network with Yoti – including one in five of the UK’s 18-year-old population. The apps are already accepted by a wide range of organisations including the Jersey Government, Scottish Improvement Service, The NHS, Virgin Atlantic, NSPCC, and more.

John Abbott, chief commercial officer at Yoti said: 

“Together with Post Office, we are transforming the way that people prove their identity in the UK removing friction from ID processes online and reducing the risk of succumbing to identity fraud. Everyone connected to the recruitment chain can now be assured that their employees are genuine, building transparency and trust.”