Greece to Introduce New Digital Apps to Cut Down on Bureaucracy

The Digital Governance Ministry in Greece is expected to implement new digital applications in the coming weeks to make citizens' daily lives easier and improve the quality of life, reports Athens-Macedonian News Agency (AMNA). Particular emphasis is placed on the judicial system, according to the Minister for Digital Governance, Kyriakos Pierrakakis. 

Next week, the digital application for the courts will be ready, which will enable citizens to have access to the trial register in real-time. Getting a consensual divorce is simplified so that the parting couple could file an application online and wait for the prescribed time. The two parties, through an attorney, will be able to dissolve their marriage within ten days electronically.

A major reformation is in the area of property transfers which too is moving online. In a nod to help businesses, setting up sole proprietorship companies will be digitised, cutting down on bureaucracy and simplifying the procedure. 

Services such as registering the child's name and collecting documents needed to baptise the infant will also be available online. 

As part of the telemedicine that the minister has already announced, free teleconsulting on mental health issues will begin shortly. Public health authorities shall offer telepsychiatry services through a specific platform.