Australian Government App mySA GOV Hacked

Hacking has become a menace, especially in recent times. Innumerable cases were reported from last year that involved hacking issues. Likewise, mySA GOV account has been hacked. Hackers gained access to users’ accounts on mySA GOV digital license platform.

South Australians are being urged to vary their driver’s identification number. The SA government said hackers have targeted some of the mySA GOV accounts. Now, mySA GOV is an online account and app that gives single account access for South Australian Government services. It enables South Australians to access personal information and complete transactions for his or her vehicle registration and license. This includes checking demerit points, completing self-assessments, and setting up direct debit.

Hackers accessed data in addition to 2,000 accounts. The South Australian government said it has taken immediate steps to secure affected accounts on the mySA GOV platform. It includes a website and an app.

The Department of Infrastructure and Transport said that the accounts could be accessed because account holders had used the same password for their mySA GOV account as they had used for their account with the unrelated website. The hackers then used the passwords they had obtained from the unrelated website to access a number of mySA GOV accounts.

They recommended customers not use a password for their account that has been previously used or is currently being used for other accounts. The department became aware of the fact and has blocked people from logging since then. They notified the affected account holders of the potential access to their accounts through email.

South Australia became the first state in Australia to introduce a digital driver’s license in 2017.

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