Indian State of Kerala to Use Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics for Crime Watch

The Kerala Police, known to be one of the most tech-savvy departments in India, is trying its hand at disruptive technologies of Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics in an effort to stay ahead of the curve during this age of digital transformation.

Aiding them in this venture is the Digital University Kerala, the country's first on-campus digital university. A specially designed training programme, Capacity Building in Responsible Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics for the Police Department, was launched at DUK's campus at Pallippuram earlier this week, an official statement said here.

Inaugurating the programme, Inspector General of Police (South Zone) P Prakash, said the department is currently working on new software, iCoPS, to leverage the extensive volume of crime data available in the Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & System (CCTNS). The application of AI and Data Analytics tools would allow the department to create features in the software that is essential for next-generation policing. The ultimate outcome of this initiative is to reduce the workload of officers at police stations, enabling them to provide better services to the public.

DUK Vice-Chancellor Saji Gopinath said this programme marks the next level of e-Governance. This is the stage where we start optimizing the processes, making the government smart and predictive, or in other words, Intelligent, he said.

"We are looking at a series of projects for various government departments that are much more deep and hands-on with technology as a major component. We are very happy that we are starting this series with the Kerala Police department,"

Gopinath said.

Snehil Kumar Singh, Director, Kerala State IT Mission, said the AI and Data Analytics may sound as something very futuristic but the reality is we are right in the middle of dealing with the possibilities of using those technologies in governance.

''The entire e-governance initiative was about introducing different applications, hardwares and products so that the governance improves in general. Now it is time we start onboarding people who have certain idea in data analytics and AI so that governance itself improves,''

the IT Mission Director added.

The training programme has 150 hours of classroom sessions that would be handled by industry experts and researchers. As many as 15 select officers from the police department would undergo the first batch of training, the statement added.