Delhi Police Plans to Integrate AI for Crime Control

The Delhi police have received Rs 10,355.29 crores in the Budget 2022-23 to improve the law and order management in Delhi. Of the approved budget, which is a Rs 1701.03 crores hike as compared to last year, Rs 287 cr will be invested in technology to purchase and install CCTV security surveillance system, upgrading the cyber highways and digital trunking radio system and other such communication systems and investment into Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning systems.

Delhi is the National Capital Region, a union territory in India. New Delhi, the capital city of India and Old Delhi, the city built by Mughals are here. 

Since the Delhi police are prioritising the Safe City project, AI integration is of great importance to them.

"Our Integrated Command & Control Centre is one of the leading setups of the world. Use of Drones, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and predictive policing is an integral part of our crime control and mitigation strategy," 

said Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana in an interview.

He further said that the Delhi police is also acquiring hi-tech gadgets and vehicles with advanced cameras to conduct operations remotely, from the Delhi Control Centre. The commissioner also shared plans of deploying technological solutions such as facial recognition software and CCTVs surveillance to keep a watch on troublemakers.

The Delhi police have also recently launched an AI-based language tool with a Hindi voice typing facility in the Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and System (CCTNS) for investigating officers (IOs) to verbally record their work on the electronic database. Delhi Police is piloting this project, which if successful, will be launched across the northern districts of the force. Developed and executed under Spl CP Technology and Implementation Shri Muktesh Chander, it is the first of its kind system innovation to have taken place in north Indian Hindi speaking states.