Putuo District in China’s Shanghai Host State of the Art Egov Service Centre

The service hall of Putuo District Administrative Service Center has reopened after a major upgrade as a pilot project for Shanghai's world's leading e-governance services.

According to the district government, the centre on Tongpu Road has undergone a five-month facelift in facilities and services to become a "top-level administrative service center" of the city.

Its service list has been optimized and procedures streamlined to serve both citizens and corporates better. Fifteen company representatives, local legislators and political advisors attended a ceremony for its reopening and experienced the new smart services.

A self-service section with 16 computers, printers and copying machines has been launched. Customers can submit electronic certificates or print materials on the e-governance platform more conveniently.

A comprehensive service window can solve all kinds of issues. A total of 652 issues from 20 government departments are available at the single window. AI, big data, and other intelligent technologies have been involved in approving and scanning application materials to enhance efficiency.

'People-oriented concept'

The "people-oriented concept" involves the landmark attractions of Putuo in the new hall. A "business lounge" introduces the district's riverside economy, industrial planning, cultural brands and e-governance services.

Two artificial intelligence robots named Xiao Pu and Xiao Hui guide customers to the new hall to recognize various service windows.

As a highlight, the hall includes the city's first flagship store for the Government Online-Offline Shanghai portal, a super self-service machine integrating Shanghai's e-governance platforms.

The flagship store mainly handles the common issues of citizens and six specific services required by Putuo companies.

A short video tells people how to solve the most typical issues, such as taxation, business opening, investment promotion, employment, birth certificate, housing certificate and medical services, through the e-governance platform.

The six online services include a single license for one industry, which combines all certificates and permits into one. Companies only need to apply for a single license to start up their businesses. The pilot program covers 25 industries in Putuo, including pharmacy, supermarket and restaurant.

Companies no longer need to submit the license and certificate issued by local government bodies during administrative applications and market supervision. They can submit the electronic license rather than the paper-version.

The flagship store also offers over 30 services catering to the various demands of citizens, covering education, sports, pregnancy, investment, travel and housing.

Additional online services have been unveiled on the Suishenban app. Putuo residents can check its installation or receive smart medical services through the mobile app.

The city's first Suishenma experiencing store has also been unveiled in the new service hall. The application for Shanghai's health QR code, or the Suishenma digital ID, has been expanded for additional life convenient scenarios.

The code was initiated in February 2020 to check the travel history of individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic. It later became the digital ID for citizens and companies due to its convenience and efficiency.

Digital ID

Foreigners and those from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan also can apply for Suishenma and enjoy relevant services.

The code has become increasingly indispensable for citizens on COVID-19 prevention and to verify their identity. Its services have also been expanded to cover social security, libraries and theatres, campuses and traffic cards, and other certificates.