Ontario Delays Launch of Digital ID Program Until 2022

Toronto: The Ontario government has announced the launch of the digital ID program will be delayed until 2022. 

Ontario is a province in east-central Canada that borders the U.S. and the Great Lakes. It's home to Ottawa, Canada's capital. 

The program was supposed to begin in 2021 but has been delayed because of the launch of the province's proof-of-vaccination app, Verify Ontario.

When the digital ID program launches, Ontarians will be able to have an electronic version of their government ID – like driver's licences and health cards – stored in their digital wallet app.

The digital ID program will allow people and businesses to prove who they are online and in person without using a physical card.

According to the government, the digital ID will offer more privacy to users than a physical ID.

Ontarians will be able to use their digital ID when making age-sensitive purchases, picking up a package at the post office, applying for government assistance, and opening a bank account.