Indian State of Himachal Pradesh to Initiate Drone Delivery of Medical Supplies

Leading DeepTech startup TechEagle that offers world-class drone delivery solutions has partnered with the Government of Himachal Pradesh to deliver medicines and vaccines in hard to access areas especially during winter. 

Himachal Pradesh is a mountain state in the Western Himalayas situated in the northernmost part of India. 

TechEagle recently undertook a demonstration of the delivery of medicines from primary health centres (PHCs) to sub-centre in Kullu district via Hybrid e-VTOL Drone. The project is aimed at improving the healthcare and supply chain in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

Commenting on the initiative, Mukesh Repaswal, Director, Department of Information Technology, Himachal Pradesh said,

“The drone trials will help ascertain the advantages and benefits that Himachal can drive from the use of drones and help the State plan areas of intervention for extensive utilisation of drones for provision of improved service delivery to its citizens. We are looking forward to working along with TechEagle in the successful demonstration of advantages of drones in reaching far-flung and hard areas of the State.”

Commenting on the initiative, Vikram Singh Meena, Founder & CEO of TechEagle said

“Aerial routes are defying the limits of on-road transportations. With our made in India Hybrid e-VTOL Drone, we delivered medicines in Tirthan valley of Himachal from a Primary Health Center to a Sub Center, Drone covered an aerial distance of 15km in less than 9 minutes, while the road transport takes more than one hour. We are building technology to make an incredible contribution to improving the supply chain. The utilization of drone technology is resolving issues plaguing modern healthcare including overcoming the barriers of COVID-19 vaccine delivery in far-flung areas.”

The project was carried out by TechEagle’s made in India Hybrid e-VTOL Drone. It is a vertical take-off and landing vehicle that takes off vertically like a helicopter and converts itself automatically into fixed-wing (i.e. passenger aircraft) mode for travelling larger distances with greater speed and when it reaches the delivery locations, converts itself back to helicopter mode to land in a very small area of 5 metres x 5 metres. In addition, it can be operated in most of the geographics and terrains.

TechEagle’s Hybrid e-VTOL drone is made in India that is built to ensure consistent and reliable distribution of life-saving drugs including medicines, vaccines and other medical essentials in several parts of the country. The deep tech startup also focuses on reverse logistics by collecting the samples of blood and bringing them for quick diagnosis.

TechEagle is a pioneer and leader in drone delivery based on VTOL technology. In a short span of time, the company has achieved several milestones in its business journey. In 2018, the company initiated World’s first tea delivery by Drones in Lucknow, UP. In addition, it has successfully completed Asia’s first cold chain Vaccine delivery by Drones in the state of Telangana with the World Economic Forum’s- Medicine from the Sky Project.

Recently, the startup also partnered with the Government of Meghalaya and the Smart Village Movement (SVM) to carry out India’s first life-saving drugs delivery via Hybrid e-VTOL Drone in the state.