Protean Joins Hands with Indian Academy of Pediatrics to Transform Last-mile Healthcare

In its bid to enhance primary healthcare services for crores of Indians across the country, Protean (formerly NSDL e-Gov), India’s leading e-governance institution, launched its healthcare solution ‘Protean Clinic’, along with the dIAP programme of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics.

The system will be offered to IAP’s 35,000 member paediatricians and subsequently to all other OPD clinics, enabling early diagnosis, specialised treatment, and superior patient engagement capabilities to prevent, diagnose, treat, and manage diseases better in-clinic and at-home.

OPD clinics using the system will be certified and promoted in their locations as Protean-certified SMART clinics, offering specialised services with the highest privacy and security standards. Protean intends to connect the network to the National Digital Health Mission of the Government of India, solving the country’s lack of accurate and real-time epidemiology data, thus empowering healthcare policy and standards nationwide. 

Crores of Indians suffer from late or incorrect diagnosis and treatment due to India’s severe shortage of specialists and the lack of specialised services at OPD clinics. OPD clinics also cannot extend their reach to patients’ homes. There is a pressing need to make specialist capabilities available at OPD clinics for early diagnosis, local treatment, and timely referrals under specialist advice. 

Specialised services are also needed to prevent or manage lifestyle diseases and many chronic conditions. In addition, OPD clinics need patient outreach and high-tech medical devices to ensure timely detection and intervention even before the patient comes to the Clinic. 

Protean Clinic enables doctors to engage with their patient community to maintain timely checks, detect red flags, intervene and diagnose early, and treat special conditions under specialist advice. The Clinics will also offer specialised assessment, preventive, and management services for chronic diseases. 

Protean aims to equip tens of thousands of local health workers with high-tech devices using its network of over 44,000 locations. It will enable OPD clinics nationwide to offer at-home services for assisted telemedicine (remote physical examinations), wellness visits, rapid diagnostics, measurement, and monitoring. Essentially, the platform will extend the Clinic’s services, beating boundaries and allowing the doctors to care beyond clinics. 

Source: PTI