Eftpos Online Payments & Security Rollout Forges Ahead with Certification of Australia’s GPayments

Australia’s debit card system, eftpos, is continuing its rollout of secure online payments options at a pace, announcing the certification of local fraud and risk management company GPayments’ 3D Secure Server solution, ActiveServer.

GPayments’ ActiveServer is now certified with eftpos Secure and can potentially make the eftpos-enabled two factor authentication security service available to hundreds of Australian merchants, gateways and acquirers, including some leading Australian supermarkets over the coming months.

eftpos CEO Stephen Benton said eftpos’ online security capability is crucial to the evolution of Australia’s post-COVID digital payments ecosystem, in order to drive competition and bring to life features designed to keep Australians safe in the Digital Economy.

Mr Benton said GPayments’ ActiveServer was certified for eftpos Secure, and eftpos’ security kit bag now included two factor authentication (3DS), tokenisation, automated Disputes and Chargebacks, a digital identity solution, connectID, and a new AI fraud detection engine.

eftpos’ continuing online rollout follows the Reserve Bank of Australia’s decision in October that Australian banks are expected to offer and promote Least Cost Routing (LCR) for ‘tap -and-go’ transactions by the end of 2022.

Mr Benton said eftpos’ extension further into online payments will quickly drive much needed large-scale competition and should place downward pressure on transaction costs.

“Our suite of world class eCommerce products and services is part of a $100m eftpos funded digital upgrade to deliver the next generation of secure payments technology,”

Mr Benton said.

“In some retail sectors, online shopping is becoming the new norm, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This makes fraud prevention and detection all the more important for Australian consumers and merchants transacting in the digital economy. We need to provide the very best protections we can to keep people safe.

For online transactions eftpos is already available for some Card On File payments where banks have implemented the service for their merchant customers, and Deposits and Withdrawal payments via the Beem It mobile wallet. The rollout of eftpos online is now accelerating and will become broadly available by the end of the year.

GPayments’ ActiveServer enables merchants to take advantage of key liability shift and avoid chargebacks by placing the responsibility for cardholder authentication with issuers.

GPayments CEO and Founder Bahram Boutorabi said GPayments’ was very pleased to be connecting with eftpos, a fellow Australian company, on fraud risk management solutions that help safeguard the payment ecosystem end-to-end.

“This is a great way to celebrate the 30th anniversary of our company by achieving eftpos Secure certification to support local industry in Australia,”

Mr Boutorabi said.