Peruvian Bank Interbank Hires Indenova

Peruvian bank Interbank has contracted Indenova, owned by, to start and implement a new system for issuing digital identities and digital signature of documents. Through this agreement, Interbank, one of Peru's leading banks, will generate 100,000 identities through Indenova's technology by 2022, and estimates that more than 500,000 digital signature transactions will be executed through this technology over the next year. 

"The implementation of a contract as important as Interbank's will be key to strengthen our market leadership in Peru in 2022," 

explained Sisco Sapena, CEO and founder of the Spanish listed company. Interbank has more than two million customers and generally offers personal loans, mortgages, deposits, and commercial banking services. As a result of the contract, which comes into effect in December, Indenova's digital signature solution by will also be integrated into Interbank's internet banking, allowing customers to use their digital certificates to sign all types of documents with the bank.

From now on, all transactions through Interbank's website will be carried out remotely through Indenova's transactional platform. With this project, will become the leader in digital identity solutions in Peru, reaching a universe of up to 2 million generated identities.

Indenova was acquired 100% by the Spanish-listed company on November 29 after the approval of its General Meeting. Indenova has a significant presence in Peru, and among its clients are the Central Reserve Bank of Peru, Banco del Desarrollo del Perú (COFIDE), Sanitas, the Transport Supervision Agency (OSITRAN), Lima Airport Partners (LAP), and the Notaries of Lima. is the European leader in the certified electronic notification, signature, and contracting industry and is listed in Spain, France, and the U.S.A. It closed the acquisition of Indenova a few weeks ago, following due diligence and approval of the purchase by more than 98% of the General Shareholders' Meeting of the listed company. Its technology has received more than 200 patents from 63 countries on five continents, and its intellectual property portfolio is one of the most important in the industry worldwide.