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Indian State of Telangana to Use AI for Formative Assessments

Artificial intelligence-based tools that will automate a few of the time and resource-intensive processes like formative assessments, marking attendance, and logging mid-day meals data will soon be available in a few Government school complexes (a cluster of high school, middle, and primary schools) across the State. They'll even be used to teach English and, eventually, other languages.

The Prof Raj Centre at IIIT-H is trying to produce artificial technologies and technological solutions for the grassroots, and these artificial intelligence-based tools will be applied in chosen school complexes in Moinabad as a pilot project. To study challenges at the grassroots level, a delegation from the IIIT-H met with select school complex headmasters, resource individuals, and Education Department officials.

"We plan to meet the concerned people once again and make specific plans for the technological interventions possible. We want to keep the technology ready for the coming academic year. These will be short-term projects of three to six months that aim to address the issues at their earliest,"

said Ramesh Loganathan, IIIT-H Co-Innovation Professor.

"We observed that a lot of manual work is involved in the data collection and also in feeding the same into the education portal. This data is important but time-consuming. Our idea is to see how artificial intelligence-based cameras, speech recognition technologies, and other tools can be used for marking attendance, midday meals, and other activities. For this, we will rope in startups or technology companies that have relevant technologies already. We will build some technologies that are in research,"

he stated.

Formative assessment of students is mandated under the New Education Policy. Teachers must evaluate each class once a week and create a report detailing who grasped the idea and who did not.

"Experienced teachers can assess who is grasping the content and who is not by observing students’ body language, expressions, attentiveness, and the kinds of questions they ask in class. We will use an AI-based camera system and model it to assess the students on these attributes. It can generate a report that the teachers can use to plan additional support for the students who are graded low. The teacher can validate the recommendations, and the algorithm will learn from that. The same can also be used for marking attendance,"

Loganathan stated.

"We have the technology for teaching spoken languages. So, that is something we have already started building. We are wiring it to the high school curriculum. For each lesson in English, there will be a set of sentences that the system will speak and then the class or individual students will repeat. The system will suggest corrections based on how students perform. The same can be used for other languages also,"

he added of the pilot project, which would employ technology to solve difficulties on the ground.