Korea to Invest KRW 69.4 Billion in 11 E-Government Support Projects

The South Korean government will invest KRW 69.4 billion this year to promote 11 e-Government support projects.

The e-Government Support Project is a project that supports the efficient implementation of e-Government tasks, such as creating a common basis for use by various ministries and convergence of multiple information systems. In 2022, KRW 69.4 billion will be invested in 11 projects.

The briefing session will share the project details and order schedule for 10 projects except for one long-term contract project. They will provide guides on the project execution procedure and the information regarding the project ordering system to increase the understanding of the project and induce participation.

The 11 project tasks for the 2022 e-Government support project consist of

  • 5 projects for public (company) services that provide preemptive and customized services to the people and
  • 6 tasks for administrative services that serve as the basis for administrative processing and services to the public.
  • New technologies such as cloud, artificial intelligence (AI) and big data will be applied.

The projects include 'The first stage of establishment of the government-wide system for diplomatic offices by utilizing overseas information’, 'The first stage of establishing a pan-government intelligent integrated call centre', and 'The third stage of establishing a system for integrating data and convergence utilization', will be carried out mainly in the cloud.

AI and big data technologies are used in projects such as 'the third stage of building intelligent public secretarial service' and 'the third stage of development of an integrated big data-based intelligent digital evidence analysis platform'.

As new projects this year, the 'pan-government integrated address system BPR/ISP' project and the 'establishment of a non-face-to-face policy support platform for small business owners, 'establishment of a government-wide utilization system for overseas diplomatic' and 'establishment of a pan-government intelligent integrated call centre', which are the 3 projects that are constructing the first stage of the projects.

The Ministry of the Interior and Safety also guides the notice related to the differential point system of the 'Detailed Standards for Contract Proposal Evaluation by Negotiation with the Public Procurement Service' and the period of temporary special contract application of the Enforcement Decree of the National Contract Act.

The differential scoring system is a system that grants fixed points (within 3 points) according to the ranking of technology evaluation in order to enhance the discriminatory power of technology evaluation. The contract special application period is until June 30 of this year, and a private contract is possible when there is a failure in bidding for the first time, and a reduction in the contract deposit (10→5%) is applied.

Bo-ram Seo, the director of the e-government department at the Ministry of the Interior and Safety, said

"We are working hard to provide consumer-oriented intelligent services that the public can experience. We expect the active participation of competent IT companies that will lead the digital world.”

The business briefing session for the e-Government support project for 2022 will be broadcast live on Kakao TV in consideration of the social distancing situation. Inquiries are received in advance and real-time Q&A will be conducted through online chat.