The Government of Uganda Launch UGHub Through NITA

The Government of Uganda launched UGHub through the National Information Technology Authority (NITA) on 30th September 2021. UGHub is an application and Data Integration platform integrated across Government Systems to enable seamless sharing of data in a rational, secure, efficient, and sustainable manner.

Through this platform, Government Entities can timely access data and information and coordinate with colleagues across different agencies. It aims at providing citizen-centric government services by avoiding the need for citizens to physically approach the government offices.

The platform has been developed with funding from the World Bank under the Regional Communication Infrastructure Program (RCIP) and the cost for developing this is USD 3.8 million. Till the date of the launch, a total of 13 pilot government MDAs(Ministry, Departments, Agencies) including 7 banks and financial institutions have been integrated into UGHub.

Ugandan citizens will now not be required to fill out multiple documents just to get a government service or make multiple visits to an office to follow up a service request.UGHub would provide better efficiency across MDAs leading to better delivery for citizens.

The Government of Uganda has established the National Backbone Infrastructure and tier-3 National Cloud Data Center. It will host all of the government systems, applications, and data. The citizens can now benefit from this IT infrastructure through platforms like UGHub.

Mr. Collin Mugasha, NITA Uganda Director of e-Government Services considered the platform to be one of the most strategic and important government-wide digital projects. that will be the backbone for service delivery, making life easier for Ugandans.

E-services like immigration, national ID, driving permits, KCCA, and URA among others will now be available for Ugandan citizens through UGHub.