Quebec tables bill to create a Cybersecurity Ministry

Quebec, a province in Canada, tabled a bill to create a cybersecurity ministry on 28th October 2021. Eric Caire, Minister of Digital Transformation pushed for this ministry that would hold the portfolio of digital tech, security and electronic services. He said if the bill is passed then the ministry would be the first of its kind in North America.

It’s part of the government’s plan to digitize it’s services in a way to one day include digital identity cards and health cards. This also increases the need to have a strong hold and understanding of cybersecurity. According to Caire, a strong cybersecurity will help prevent online attacks and data theft. He also mentioned that having a dedicated cybersecurity ministry will help them serve people and offer them the best possible services.

In the present scenario where every individual is at constant threat of experiencing a cyberattack this move will help offer a sense of security for the citizens. It will also help the government create a plan and prepare for an attack similar to the attack on Newfoundland and Labrador health care system.