DGSN Morocco Receives African Excellence E-government Award

The General Directorate of National Security (DGSN), Kingdom of Morocco, has won the "African Excellence E-Government Award", in recognition of the advanced level of services provided by the new generation of the national electronic identity document (CNIE 2.0), and the important role played by this secure document in ensuring the security of documents and remote transactions and the strengthening of confidence in digital identity, the DGSN says in a press release.

The DGSN was awarded this prize during the APIDE awards ceremony held on the sidelines of the 15th edition of Africa Pay & ID Expo, organized on May 26-28 in Marrakech with the participation of several countries and organizations.

This award recognises one of the structuring projects recently launched by the General Directorate of National Security in order to ensure the transition into a "complete digital identity", highly secure and integrating modern technologies in the identity documents, and which can contribute to accelerating the digital transition of public administration in Morocco and enable all public services and private actors to bring their services closer to the general public, the release points out.

The DGSN announced in 2019 the launch of the generalization of the second generation of the electronic national identity card, which is a sophisticated card that features several levels of security elements reinforcing its reliability among all public and private stakeholders.

The General Management then launched the progressive activation of a set of electronic services incorporated in this document, marking the initiation of the complete digital identity since the beginning of this year, within the framework of a pioneering project at the regional and international levels, the release adds.