Philippines Launches Authentication Platform for National Digital ID

The Philippines opened a web-based offline authentication platform for its national digital ID named PhilSys Check, allowing users to perform identity verification for public or private-sector services through a smartphone or computer, according to The Manila Times.

The Philippine government has pushed forward for national ID in recent years and months. Its PhilID program leverages biometrics to issue a national ID card, to help verify the identities of people who sign up for PhilSys, the Philippines Identification System. The Philippines expects up to 92 million registrants for the PhilSys program by the end of 2022, and the government reported more than 60 million registrations as of mid-March.

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), the country’s statistics agency, launched the authentication program as a means to ensure the authenticity of QR codes issued by the PSA with web-based offline authentication that uses public and private key cryptography. It also functions as an identity verification platform for transactions between individuals and parties such as governments and corporations, says Assistant National Statistician Fred Sollesta of the PSA.

The platform was piloted last November with participation from 13 financial institutions, according to the report.