Israel to have National Artificial Intelligence Strategy

The government of Israel is to publish a national plan to strengthen the nation’s development of artificial intelligence. The country’s finance ministry Avigdor Lieberman announced the development of the plan last week, and it is expected the plan itself will be published next month.

According to reports, the plan will include steps to promote AI in academia and research and development, as well as in the country’s high-profile tech industry. The strategy will aim to enhance Israel’s strength in the field, according to Israeli finance minister and innovation, science and technology minister Orit Farkash-Hacohen.

Israel was ranked 20th in a global government AI readiness index published by researchers Oxford Insights.

The strategy will update a national AI programme launched only in 2020. However, the implementation of this plan has been hindered by the lack of a state budget for three-and-a-half years, until one was struck in November. The funding for the new plan has not yet been confirmed.

The creation of the strategy comes as more governments around the world look at how to develop and oversee artificial intelligence, with regulations under development in the European Union, China, United States of America and the United Kingdom.