Avoco Begins Work on Scotland’s Digital ID Infrastructure

Avoco Secure has officially announced the start of work on Scotland’s new digital ID infrastructure.

According to the company, the upcoming system will comprise four main core components, including a single sign-on (SSO) solution, and give users the ability to prove their identity digitally to access online services.

The system will also offer a “save and reuse” feature that will give users the option to save checked personal information securely in a digital locker to reuse when applying for other services in the future. The feature will additionally support other verified sources of information (attributes) from other public services.

“We are making great progress with our digital identity service,”

says the Scottish Government’s Digital Identity Programme Director Trudy Nicolson.

“The attribute locker will make it easier for people to apply for public services and access benefits they are entitled to by putting them in control of their data, how they share it, and how it is used,”

the executive adds.

“To do this, we need a thorough understanding of technological considerations and options and Avoco’s expertise in this area will be invaluable.”

Digital Identity Scotland (DIS)

The main aim of the Digital Identity Scotland (DIS) Programme is to improve people’s access to public services by providing them a safe, reusable and easy way to prove who they are or that they are eligible for a public service. This is a commitment within Scotland’s Programme for Government and digital strategy and will benefit everyone seeking those services as well as the public sector as a whole.

Being able to prove who we are digitally (or that we are eligible for a service) will speed up our access and support the transformation of key public services. To do this, the programme is focused on delivery of a digital identity ‘attribute store/ personal locker’ based model. Services around this model improve the way public service organisations prove and assure information an individual provides about themselves.