Idaho State Officials Unveil Centralized Website for Public Meetings

Idaho Gov. Brad Little and State Controller Brandon Woolf announced a new state website Tuesday that will serve as a centralized spot for the public to access information about state public meetings. 

Starting April 15, all state public agencies will post meeting notices, agendas and minutes at the new site, Little and Woolf said during a press conference at the Idaho State Capitol. 

The two elected officials said the website will make it easier for the public to follow state government and its agencies. Instead of visiting multiple websites to track down agendas or meetings for the State Board of Education, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, the State Board of Land Commissioners or, say, the Board of Examiners, meeting records will be available through a single website. is a new online one-stop shop for citizens to access public meeting information for all state of Idaho executive branch agencies and state commissions,”

Little said. 

Woolf said the website will help Idahoans who want to become engaged and involved in state government and policy decisions. 

“It helps build trust in our government while also creating a culture of openness,”

Woolf said. 

Little signed a proclamation Tuesday instructing agencies to post notices, agendas and minutes starting on April 15. The new website will not affect the state’s existing laws requiring public meeting notices and agendas to be physically, publicly posted. 

The Legislature is also considering a $2 million funding request that would allow the state to stream the meetings live via the new Townhall Idaho website. The Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee introduced a supplemental budget bill for the Department of Administration’s permanent building fund that includes the $2 million funding on Monday.