Ukraine Uses AI to Identify Perpetrators and Fallen People

Ukraine uses Clearview AI’s facial recognition software to identify Russian perpetrators and identify Ukrainians who have died sadly in conflict. It helps identify almost everyone using billions of images scraped from the web which means Clearview has over 2 billion images on Russian social media service VKontakte alone.

Hoan Ton-That, CEO of the company, said: Reuters The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense started using the software on Saturday. He added that they have sent a letter to Ukrainian authorities providing support for Clearview AI. According to the letter, the software could help identify Russian covert operators, reunite refugees with their families, and uncover false information.

Clearview AI software has been reported to be effective even with facial damage and disassembly. Clearview AI’s support has the potential to generate positive public relations for companies accustomed to criticism. Besides the dystopian and invasive use of large amounts of data scraped from the entire web, the company has several Potential far right links.