UK Launches Cyber Explorers to Teach Cyber Skills to Young Students

The UK launched ''Cyber Explorers,'' a free interactive cyber security learning platform to be rolled out in secondary schools. It will teach 11 to 14-year-old students essential digital skills required to meet future talent demand of the cyber security sector.

The platform will introduce 30,000 students to important security concepts like digital forensic, open-source intelligence, and social engineering. With the help of Cyber Ranger and Cyber squad, the students will explore a variety of scenarios and collect virtual badges for making smart choices online.

The platform is designed to engage young students before choosing their GCSEs and equivalent qualifications and aims to improve the diversity of students picking computer science. Cyber Explorers is designed to be suitable for in-classroom teaching, independent learning, and after-school clubs, making it easy for teachers and parents to introduce young students to digital skills while completing the wider school curriculum. 

Local businesses and networks in schools in Newry, Newport, Inverclyde, Bradford, and Birmingham will hold a series of events to ensure young people from ethnic minorities and socially deprived backgrounds get support and access to benefit from the program.

Cyber Explorers is being rolled out as a part of the government's National Cyber Strategy and will complement the existing CyberFirst program of activities led by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).