Smart Nation Builder in Singapore to Showcase Digital Government Services

Singapore’s Minister for Communication and Information has launched Smart Nation Builder, a 12m truck designed as a roving showcase with eight interactive gaming stations that will inform the public about Smart Nation initiatives and digital government services. The Smart Nation Builder would travel to shopping malls, heartlands, public libraries, and community spaces from the second half of 2022.

The Smart Nation Builder would also collect feedback from citizens on existing products and services and ask them which digital services in the community services, healthcare, and education sector they would like to see more. It will enable citizens to try out prototypes of new digital products and help the government improve accessibility, interface, and overall user experience.

The Smart Nation Builder is one of the three showcases by the Smart Nation and Digital Government Group (SNDGG) to help citizens understand and experience the benefits of technology. 

Smart Nation Builder has Explore and Learn, Explore and Use, Sharpening Ideas, Claw Machine, Kids wall, and photo booth stations. Explore and Learn station showcases Smart Nation initiatives, Explore and Use station will showcase government digital apps, and Sharpening Ideas will help understand citizen preferences.

Points will be allotted to citizens as they visit each station; they can play claw game machines and win Smart Nation Collectables using these points. The Kids wall is an interactive, collaborative game for children, and at the Photobooth, the public can get personalized photos and print them on a memento.