SriLanka, World Bank to Jointly Study Digital Governance to Digital Economy

The Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA) of Sri Lanka and World Bank Group have kicked off a joint technical study. The findings of this joint technical and advisory study are expected to assist Sri Lanka’s Government in prioritising the potential areas of digital transformation that need World Bank support, including financing and technical advisory assistance. 

The study will be carried out under the thematic areas of Digital Governance, Digital Government/Services, Digital Economy, and Digital Connectivity. 

The World Bank will adopt a whole of government approach, focusing on the digital transformation requirements of the entire Government and provide technical and financial support to implement the cabinet approved digital transformation strategy effectively. Especially in digital government, digital economy, legal framework and policy, institutional governance, accountability, and monitoring and evaluation framework.

A joint project committee, including representatives from the World Bank, Ministry of Technology and ICTA, will be appointed to undertake the study. Technical discussions and reviews will be held with the World Bank mission members, ICTA, and respective Government stakeholders. In addition, representatives from the World Bank mission will engage with ICTA and all relevant stakeholders to understand the current challenges in the technology transformation process and recommend steps to formulate interventions.

The outcomes of this initiative are expected under three main tracks. The first track, ‘Strengthening Digital Governance,’ focuses on assessing the current processes to drive digital transformation across the public sector, change management, capability development, monitoring and evaluation, and institutional capacity building. 

The second track, ‘Accelerate Delivery of Digital Govt. and Services,’ focuses on prioritising initiatives to develop a roadmap, including the capacity development needs of ICTA and relevant agencies. 

The final track, ‘Resilient and Competitive Digital Economy,’ will focus on the need for businesses to adopt digital tools, services and digital skills development.

ICTA Director – Monitoring and Evaluation Jagath Senevirathne said:

“We are excited that the World Bank Group has teamed up with ICTA to do this critical study, and for the support extended to ICTA to implement and achieve the intended outcomes of the national digital transformation strategy. We are confident that the outcome of this initiative will help us expedite the national digital transformation process and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of government service delivery. In addition, it intends to create jobs and enhance the revenue from the IT-BPM industry and improve the wellbeing of the citizens across all the regions of the country.”

The World Bank mission team is led by Senior Digital Development Specialist Serene Ho Fung Ying, and consists of Senior Digital Development Specialist Siddhartha Raja, Senior Program Officer Jonathan Marskell, Consultant Aneesa Mendis, Senior Digital Development Specialist Agenda Singh, Senior Consultant Sebastian Foo, IFC Senior Investment Officer Ami Dalal, Consultant Gohar Malumyan, and Team Assistant Roshani George.

Discussions will be held with representatives from the Ministry of Technology, ICTA, Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL), and other agencies/industry organisations.