Nova Scotia Launches New Adoption Disclosure Tool

Nova Scotia launched a new Adoption Disclosure Tool to help people protect or control their private information. The new web portal will give adoptees, birth parents, or families impacted by adoption another avenue to access important information. 

The web portal has forms for disclosure vetoes and contact notices with the Province’s Disclosure Program. A disclosure veto is a document stating that a birth parent or an adopted person does not wish to share information to identify them. A contact notice lets people share information to identify them or set parameters around if or how they choose to be contacted. The website also has printable versions that can be filled out and sent through regular mail.

According to the new legislation that will take effect from spring this year, adopted children once they turn 19 and birth parents will be able to access adoption information if they want. This change will apply to all adoption records. Even people who have previously indicated that they want to keep their information private will have to fill out the form on the privacy tool.