The Korea Times

South Korean Presidential Candidate Yoon Plans to Adopt ‘My AI Portal’

South Korea’s main opposition, People Power Party’s Presidential candidate Yoon Suk-yeol on 2nd January 2022, pledged to establish ‘My AI Portal,’ a digital system for all government services. This portal will be able to provide personalized services to the citizens.

The digital platform would integrate all government portals and provide the citizens with accounts to access all administrative services. Keeping in mind that not all citizens are familiar with digital platforms, the government would hire about 10,000 digital guides to provide the necessary help.

In his statement, Yoon said he wants to transform the government into a digital platform government that provides services to the people based on digital technology and big data. He also added that if they won the election, the government would adopt the digital platform to accurately assess the needs of the citizens based on scientific data and take necessary measures to provide fair service to the people.

Yoon said that they plan to use digitized analytical platforms to better deal with the COVID-19 pandemic and develop more scientific and secure preventive measures.