DSTA to Explore the Concept of Virtual Instructor

Eng Huiling, Director of Technology Development, Simulations & Training Systems Hub, Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA), Singapore, in an interview with GovInsider, said that she is looking forward to exploring the concept of Virtual Instructor in 2022. Virtual Instructor uses data to reshape the way soldiers train today.

She said that data insights coupled with machine learning could train and evaluate performance in a more targeted and objective way providing an enhanced training experience. This could help customize training for individual needs rather than focusing on a single type of training for all. 

She also added that during the pandemic, the training of soldiers was affected, pushing them towards the adoption of simulation training. The Simulations & Training Systems Hub by DTSA uses technologies like modeling and simulation, data analytics, extended reality, and artificial intelligence to experiment and develop new training concepts and capabilities for the Singapore Armed Forces.