Yuan to Launch Ministry of Digital Development

The Legislature of Yuan, Taipei, China, on 28th December 2021, approved the cabinet's plan to establish a ministry of digital development as mapped out by President Tsai Ing-Wen last year. The ministry would plan the nation's digital development policies in response to the challenges created by an evolving digital world.

The Ministry of Digital Development would be responsible for planning the infrastructure needed to promote innovation, cultivate talent, and the government resources required in telecommunication and digital technology. They would also oversee digital services and data management, government information security, and they would also be responsible for aiding the development of industries related to the digital economy.

The Ministry of Science and Technology would turn into a minister-level council, and related operations are overseen by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, and the National Communications Commission would be transferred to the new ministry. Some of the tasks that are currently under the purview of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Cabinet's Department of Cyber Security would move under the Ministry of Digital Development.

The organizational changes are expected to occur in March at the earliest, but the cabinet would determine the actual implementation schedule.