9Mobile to Register 10M Rural Nigerian Residents for National ID

The Nigerian federal government has appointed 9Mobile, one of the country's leading telecommunication service providers, to register at least 10 million people living in rural areas of Nigeria in the National Identity Management Enrollment Scheme. 

This is a part of the company's support of the National Identity Management Commission's (NIMC) national identity enrollment scheme. Similar to this collaboration, the NIMC successfully partnered with Airtel Nigeria to register the population in September 2021. This identity management is expected to accelerate economic development and boost all the citizens' security and safety. 

Figures from November 2021 show that from the total population of over 207 million, only 66 million1 have completed the enrollment of their biometrics and have been issued a National Identity Number (NIN).

Speaking at the workshop and capacity building interactive session in Abuja, Juergen Peschel, the Chief Executive Officer of 9Mobile, said that they will continue to play a vital role in the country's national identity enrollment scheme, especially in the rural regions. He also added that they are expanding their capacity in terms of infrastructure and technology to ensure all citizens are registered.