VITA is planning to offer AI from next year

The Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA) is working to offer artificial intelligence as a service to the state’s 65 agencies.

VITA will be providing AI-based tools to state agencies in the health, transportation and public safety sectors. They are attending to target resource allocation, predictive analytics and forecasting, real-time operations management, decision support and proactive risk management and mitigation services. They have also planned to use the tools internally.

The AI offers will have end-to-end cybersecurity and performance monitoring. Among other functions, image recognition and fraud detection will be there. 

VITA will roll out the Digital Customer Experience, an AI service that’s essentially a basic chatbot that state agencies can implement into user-facing functions. For more complex AI and machine learning solutions, VITA will provide the country’s first public-sector AI as a service.

VITA is about to work with state agencies to train employees on using the tools. VITA will also establish an AI Center Of Excellence (COE) with standardised outcome and metrics gathering in addition to implementation templates for AI and ML tools. VITA will be able to identify certain factors in the intake process that can be improved with AI, it can apply a template to speed implementation.