Tasmanian Government to Invest in EID Project for Sheeps

The Tasmanian Government is investing up to $250,000 for a project that will explore Electronic Identification Devices (EID) for sheep as a means to support the red meat industry. This is to achieve biosecurity benefits, promote EID prominence and understand market surety essential for trade performance now and in the future.

The EID project has been developed by the Tasmanian Red Meat Industry Steering Committee (TRMISC) and is part of the government's commitment to supporting the development of the industry. The first phase of the project will allow the industry in Tasmania to gain insights from the States and the sheep producers that have voluntarily chosen to use EID.

Felicity Richards, the Chair of TRMISC, said that EID is currently required for sheep if sold or transferred under a market program or moved to Victoria, where EIDs are compulsory.

According to the farmers that have chosen EID, it will help them improve productivity through better monitoring and management of animal welfare and performance. It will also help them collect data, automate drafting and deliver better on-farm outcomes.