AwareABIS to provide Biometric ID in Georgia USA

The sheriff’s office of Thomas County, Georgia has selected Aware to provide its automated biometric identification system (ABIS) for forensic biometric searches.

AwareABIS can be used for ten-print, palm print, latent print, and mug shot face biometric searches and provides advanced forensic search, analysis and reporting capabilities, the company says. The software also features a configurable architecture capability to enable data exchanges with other law enforcement systems.

According to the announcement, Thomas County law enforcement can now obtain potential biometric matches locally within minutes to improve community safety by apprehending criminals more quickly.

“We are thrilled to have AwareABIS at our disposal,” says John Sellers, Thomas County’s lieutenant of forensics. 

“Getting a fingerprint match is time-sensitive and now we’re able to get results within minutes. Having these fingerprint tools is extremely beneficial in keeping our citizens safe.”

Aware says its forensic software is also quick and easy to install, provides an examiner-focussed user interface, and easily accommodates new biometric modalities, like face or voice.

“There has long been a need for a new ABIS product in the market and we are happy to provide one to Thomas County,” says Robert Mungovan, chief commercial officer at Aware. 

“With AwareABIS, Thomas County now has a biometric identification system that enables them to best manage and optimize their booking and forensic processes. They are not locked into expensive, long-term contracts and, of course, they benefit from the better control of their data and their workflows that AwareABIS provides.”