UK and Indonesia Officials Meet to Strengthen Relations over Digital Technology

British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss met with the officials of Indonesia at Jakarta in Indonesia on the 11th of November and discussed closer cooperation in future technologies, cybersecurity and economic relations, cybersecurity and economic relations and to deepen ties to Southeast Asia. Indonesia and the UK are about to have a new joint working group on counterterrorism and a cyber dialogue.

Liz Truss said at a news conference that they need to make sure that the free world shapes technology. The UK wants to work with Indonesia in areas like cyber and the next generation of technologies, whether 5G & 6G or areas like artificial intelligence and quantum. She also said that 5G and 6G are technology standards for new cellular networks. She wanted to strengthen relations with Indonesia, including commercial and security ties. Liz Truss and Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi discussed a roadmap for closer cooperation.

Indonesia, too, needed effective cybersecurity strategies and tactics, and they have formed an integral part of the country’s digital transformation planning.