IRS Announces New Online Identity Verification Process

On November 17th, 2021, the Internal Revenue Service announced the launch of improved mobile-friendly identity verification and sign-in process. It has been developed under the Secure Access Digital Identity Initiative and complies with the federal mandate. It will help protect taxpayers information, quickly access online tools and securely perform other routine online tasks.

The new process will enable users to gain entry to existing IRS online services like Online Account, Child Tax Credit Update Portal, Get Transcript Online, Online Payment Agreement and Get and Identity Protection Pin. Additional applications will transition to the new update over the next year.

It will help reach more people through the expanded use of identity documents and improve help desk assistance to citizens who encounter problems during online verification. To better the verification services, IRS is using a trusted technology provider called and the taxpayers can sign in through their account when using IRS tools.

Citizens with IRS credentials can continue to use the same to sign in until summer 2022 but are asked to create an account as soon as possible. They will need to provide a photo of an identity document and a selfie to verify their identity with