GovTech Summit in Austin Focuses on Budding Entrepreneurs

The challenging pandemic did more than anything else to convince governments to adopt public-facing technologies at large, and it is only going to improve and reach new heights. It was one of the key messages at the inaugural of the InState GovTech Summit¹ in Austin held last week. The two-day conference started on 25ᵗʰ October 2021 and concluded on 26ᵗʰ. 

The summit bought together entrepreneurs, investors and officials for two days of panels and networking events. The event reflected the increasing investments, acquisitions and mergers in the e-governance market and the trend of providing digital services in all possible sectors.

The event was heavily focused on helping young companies learn how to compete with legacy vendors in the industry. It also had a panel of venture specialists expressing their views on how public agencies will need to take more technology-specific decisions, especially technology developed and sold by young companies and startups. The panel also discussed how venture capital activities are helping boost investment in government technology.

The discussions also focused on the drawbacks and benefits for new entrepreneurs and how they can set themselves apart from longtime players. The sessions included many personal anecdotes from speakers who have had experience in the industry and were willing to help these new companies grow.

There were also discussions on strategies for expanding into new markets, fireside chat, capturing government opportunities and revolutionizing government services. The summit also included GovTech showcases, insights from government leaders and lots of networking opportunities.

The speakers and panellists included Ron Bouganim, Managing Partner of GoveTech Fund, John Thomson, CEO and Founder of PayIt, Scott Murphy, CIO (Chief Investment Officer) and Managing Director for Advantage Capital and Ryan Brennan InState Managing Director.