New Digital Playbook to Cut Costs and Support Job Growth

Digital services run by government will be overhauled through a new guide designed to ensure better value for taxpayers and support job growth across the UK.

The Digital, Data and Technology Playbook, published on 28 March, 2022 brings together expertise from across government and industry in an 11-point guide.

In an increasingly digital and connected society, supporting the delivery of high-quality public service while driving better value for money is becoming ever more crucial. With around £46 billion expected to be spent on digital projects this year, the Playbook will ensure taxpayer money is better used and supports the Levelling Up agenda.

Teams working on digital projects are encouraged to find ways of improving efficiencies and cutting costs, including through improved supplier relationships and reduced legacy IT issues. For example, all new digital products bought by the government should work with existing systems, enabling effective data sharing across suppliers and departments in interoperable, reusable and open formats.

The Playbook also breaks down barriers for small and medium-sized businesses (SME), urging teams to focus on areas where SMEs can play a role in delivering public services, such as by offering agile and innovative digital solutions. This focus will make it easier for public sector organisations to work with SMEs, while also helping SMEs take advantage of tender opportunities and drive job growth right across the country.

Minister for Brexit Opportunities and Government Efficiency Jacob Rees-Mogg said:

This Playbook will draw on the wealth of digital expertise at our disposal to produce better services at lower cost.

This will go hand-in-hand with a new procurement regime that takes advantage of our position outside the European Union, offering more opportunities for small businesses to bid for government contracts, encouraging greater innovation in public services and ultimately delivering better value for taxpayers.