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New York Set $62 Million in Budget for Cyber Security

New York Governor Kathy Hochul on 9th April 2022 announced the public safety highlights of the FY 2023 Budget. This year's Budget for investment in New York State's cyber protections includes $61.9 million for cybersecurity, doubling the previous investment.

These investments will fund critical protections, including the expansion of the state's cyber Red Team program to provide additional penetration testing, an expanded phishing exercise program, vulnerability scanning and additional cyber incident response services. These investments help ensure that if one part of the network is attacked, the state can isolate and protect the rest of the system.  

Also, as part of this proposal, the Governor is proposing a $30 million "shared services" program to help local governments and other regional partners acquire and deploy high quality cybersecurity services to bolster their cyber defenses. The interconnected nature of the state's networks and IT programs means that attacks can quickly spread across the state. Many government entities often do not have the funding or resources necessary to protect their systems, some which provide critical services like healthcare, law enforcement, emergency management, water treatment, and unemployment insurance, to name a few.