TSA to Overhaul Its Credentialing System with $199 Million Contract Award

Consulting firm Accenture was awarded a new federal contract with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Transportation Security Administration to upgrade the agency’s threat operational system. 

Accenture will overhaul the systems within its Information Technology, Technology Solutions Division, specifically consolidating three credentialing systems into a single platform to streamline how TSA officials report and respond to threats. 

The total contract is worth $199 million and will extend over the next seven years. 

“These three systems play a critical role in delivering credentials to approximately 30 million individuals, including TSA PreCheck customers, transportation workers, airline crews and hazmat drivers, among others. This new single platform will significantly streamline operations and provide TSA with the flexibility needed to more rapidly adapt to changing threats,”

said Anthony Pinheiro, the TSA lead and Accenture Federal Services managing director, in a press release.

“AFS is proud to continue our support of TSA’s mission to protect the nation’s transportation systems, ensuring freedom of movement for all Americans.”

The TSA relies on sophisticated technology to validate passenger identification documents and boarding passes and conduct pre-screenings. 

Accenture will work on enhancing the TSA’s platforms to support more seamless credentialing operations. More cybersecurity technology will be added within a new, modernized system. 

“With this enhanced platform, we will continue to deliver secure, seamless support for millions of people in need of TSA credentials, while at the same time modernizing processes to deliver enhanced business value and efficiency,” 

said Maurine Fanguy, DHS lead and Accenture Federal Services managing director.

Officials within the TSA have long planned to introduce more innovative technologies to bolster security. In 2020, the agency released a guidance document discussing the need for more advanced technology to facilitate safety for travellers.