Digital Government Index in Columbia Surpass 85 Points, e-Governance Up by 8.5 Points

The ICT Ministry, Government of Columbia published the results of the Digital Government Index for the 2021 term, which highlights a significant advance in the digital transformation of the country's public national and territorial public entities.

According to the results, the average score of the national entities in 2018 was 77.0, in 2019 it was 81.3, in 2020 it was 81.4 and in 2021 it was 85.5. In three years, the trend has been growing, since in the four-year period national entities have advanced, on average, 8.5 points in the implementation of the Digital Government Policy.

As for the territorial entities, the average score registered for 2018 was 57.4, in 2019 it was 62.1, in 2020 it was 62.9 and in 2021 it was 65.3. In three years, they have advanced, on average, 7.9 points in the implementation of the Digital Government Policy.

“For the National Government, it has been a priority to promote public digital transformation, accompanying State entities in their processes of appropriation and use of ICTs to provide better and more efficient services to citizens. In this way, in terms of Digital Government, we demonstrate that Colombia has a State policy that has been constantly evolving in its scope and implementation”,

said the ICT Minister, Carmen Ligia Valderrama.

During the four-year period 2018-2022, the deployment of the Digital Government Policy established with decree 1008 of June 14, 2018 was carried out, which had the objective of promoting the use and exploitation of information and communication technologies to consolidate a State and competitive, proactive, and innovative citizens, who generate public value in an environment of digital trust.

The top five of the national public entities with the highest scores in the 2021 Digital Government Index are: Ministry of Education (99.6), Ministry of Health (99.5), Military and Police Housing Promotion Fund (99.4), Ministry of Information and Communications (99.3), Financial Superintendence (99.3).

As for mayors, Medellín (98.4), Bogotá (98.3), Ibagué (97.9), Manizales (96.1) and Neiva (94.3) are those that are in the first five positions of the Index for the 2021 term. Likewise, the five The governorates that stand out the most are Meta (98.7), Caldas (98.4), Antioquia (98.1), Valle del Cauca (95.5) and Cundinamarca (95.3).

Check the results of the Digital Government Index 2018-2021 here: